Bloom’s taxonomy and productivity apps

I have received many enquires from teachers in the last few months about productivity tools that can be used by students on iPads.

Below is a table of productivity apps I have created to help you map out tasks for your students according to Bloom’s taxonomy.

These apps can be used in conjunction with eBookPLUS on your iPad.

HTML Egg Web Page Creator Blurb Mobile Animate Me HD Video Editor for FREE Storyboards myWorld Atlas Polldaddy Idea Sketch inFlowchartLite Stickyboard SlideShark PowerPoint presentations myWorld Atlas Google Quickvoice Recorder Zoho Docs RSS PaperPort Notes Explain Everything LiveJournal Microsoft OneNote Diigo List! Lite SimpleMind+

Jacaranda’s myWorld Atlas app will be released soon. This app can be also used by your students at various levels in Bloom’s taxonomy.

Please let me know of any apps you can add to my Bloom’s taxonomy app list.

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