Getting to know your students with assessON

A former colleague said to me once that good teachers always start the school year by finding out what their students know.

assessON is the perfect tool to find out what your students already know before you start teaching a new topic or unit.

There are three types of assessments in assessON:

  • Readiness (FOR learning)
  • Progress (AS learning)
  • Achievement (OF learning).

By creating a Readiness assessment, you can see what students already know about a topic area.

For example, as a Maths teacher you are about to start teaching Real numbers. By creating an assessment in assessON you can find out what prior knowledge your students bring to the classroom.

There is no marking for you to do – assessON will mark everything for you and give you a graphical representation of where your students are at. This will inform your planning of lessons.

A readiness assessment for real numbers in assessON Maths Quest 8 for Australian Curriculum

When school starts in the next week or so, make sure that you first learn your students’ names.

Then find out, with assessON, what they already know.


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