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Shiny new gadgets

There is an air of excitement in the various schools I have visited in the last few weeks.

The new technology has arrived. The boxes are now open and shiny new gadgets are in the hands of eager students and teachers. It almost feels like Christmas has been granted an extension until February.

Like any new gadget, our first inclination is to play and discover the realms of possibility. We press the all the buttons on our new toy and discover it’s cool features. Those of you using iPads for the first time will find an app for just about everything.

No matter how versatile your new technological devices are, it is the pedagogical thinking that will enhance the teaching and learning. As teachers we have to develop a very clear understanding of what we want learners to do with new technology, not what the technology can do.

We have to make new technology suit the learning, not make the learning suit the technology. Trying to make learning suit the technology is really a feeble attempt to justify why we purchased the shiny new gadgets in the first place.

Bloom’s taxonomy and productivity apps

I have received many enquires from teachers in the last few months about productivity tools that can be used by students on iPads.

Below is a table of productivity apps I have created to help you map out tasks for your students according to Bloom’s taxonomy.

These apps can be used in conjunction with eBookPLUS on your iPad.

HTML Egg Web Page Creator Blurb Mobile Animate Me HD Video Editor for FREE Storyboards myWorld Atlas Polldaddy Idea Sketch inFlowchartLite Stickyboard SlideShark PowerPoint presentations myWorld Atlas Google Quickvoice Recorder Zoho Docs RSS PaperPort Notes Explain Everything LiveJournal Microsoft OneNote Diigo List! Lite SimpleMind+

Jacaranda’s myWorld Atlas app will be released soon. This app can be also used by your students at various levels in Bloom’s taxonomy.

Please let me know of any apps you can add to my Bloom’s taxonomy app list.

Using JacPLUS & eBookPLUS with your iPad

There are many teachers who have contacted me about using iPads for the first time in 2012.

Over the next few weeks I will be presenting some tips on how you can use your Jacaranda eBookPLUS titles with your iPad.

PaperPort Notes is a useful app that allows you (and your students) to annotate web pages in JacPLUS with your own notes. It is a free download from iTunes at

Nice features include:

  • The facility to capture and import screenshots of eBookPLUS web content directly into your iPad

  • The annotation tools (including text boxes and drawing tools)

All annotations and notes can be saved and bookmarked. Hence students can collate a record of all annotations and notes in their eBookPLUS title during the year.

  • Audio recording

You can also add audio recordings of your notes.

Classroom presentation tool

PaperPort Notes allows you to prepare annotations & notes prior to a lesson. All you have to do then is connect your iPad to a data projector in class and display your saved notes.

Alternatively, you can add annotations and notes while you are presenting eBookPLUS content to your class. Hence you can use this app to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard.

iPads in education

Thanks to my one of my twitter friends in my professional learning network for this info on integrating iPads in the classroom.

This is a wiki from School District of Palm Beach County in the US. It includes a series of tips and tricks tricks use in the classroom.

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