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Using student assessment for professional learning


assessON informs professional learning

How can student learning guide and inform your professional learning?

Formative assessment is widely used to improve learning outcomes for students. However a recent paper from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development titled Using student assessment for professional learning: focusing on student outcomes to identify teachers’ needs suggests that the same principles of formative assessment can be used to inform professional learning for teachers.

This paper suggests that the learning of both students and teachers proceeds through ‘successive, cumulative stages, or dimensions’. In particular, these stages focus on three key questions:

‘Where am I going?’,
‘How am I doing?’
‘Where to next?’ (Hattie & Timperley, 2007)

While students answer these questions during their learning, teachers also use the answers to these questions to inform their knowledge of students and how to teach them.

Go to the latest edition of Curriculum Leadership to read more.

Jacaranda’s newly released online assessment tool assessON allows students to focus on these three key questions to navigate their learning. From a teacher’s perspective, the rich diagnostics in assessON enable teachers to be better informed of their students’ learning while interrogating the ways they teach.


The curiosity of the circus

Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Step right up, step right up
Come closer, you won’t believe your eyes.

Today I went to the circus.

What makes the circus engaging is the spectacle of others performing the seemingly impossible. Acrobats defy gravity, magicians enthrall us with mystery and illusion, clowns captivate us with sight gags.

The circus engages our senses and stimulates our curiosity.

While not intending to trivialise our lives as a circus, how will you engage others in 2012?

If you are a teacher, how will you engage your students’ curiosity?

If you are an ICT integrator, how will you engage your teaching colleagues’ curiosity?

What will your colleagues and students learn in 2012?

What ‘circus’ spectacle will they perform that is seemingly impossible?

Teacher’s ICT Toolkit

Thanks to follower Paul Chamberlain for his presentation delivered yesterday at The Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia Future Science Conference 2011.

Some great ideas here for those of you who are ICT integrators in schools – tech brekkies, twenty-20, speed geeking!

A great definition of Personal Learning Network (PLN). Some more tips here on how teachers can get started with their own PLN.

Teaching ICT Toolkit – Future Science Conference 2011

Twitter is serious learning

Twitter can’t be serious!

When first hearing about twitter a few years ago, I could not comprehend how anyone could seriously think that anything meaningful could be said in 140 characters or less.  I mean, I have already used up 162 characters in my second sentence and what have I said?

My hasty judgement was totally unfounded.  Twelve months ago I was converted. My epiphany is that it is the links to others not the 140 characters that is the power of twitter.

Now as a serious convert (perhaps addict?), I check my twitter account every day without fail for my daily fix of professional learning.

Kay Cantwell from Brisbane Catholic Education has written a great article titled Social media and schools as professional learning communities. There some great tips here as to how you can get started with using twitter and other forms of social media to create your own professional learning network.

Seriously, some of the best professional learning is happening on twitter.
The Twitter Life Cucle

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