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Using maps & statistics in the myWorld Atlas app

In the past week various teachers have contacted me with questions about Jacaranda’s myWorld Atlas app.

Below is a video tutorial which shows how the following features can used:

  1. Interactive maps
  2. Statistics.

Viewing this on an iPad? View tutorial for iPad (without narration) below.

More information & tutorials can also be accessed from Jacaranda’s Customer Support Centre.

myWorld Atlas

On my holidays I went to……..

An old favourite for some teachers is to start the year by asking their students about their holidays. Students would then sit down and write a few paragraphs on their holiday highlights.

Why not ask your students to add their holiday highlights in myWorld Atlas. Where did they go? What did they do?

They can easily add a pin to their globe to show the location of their holiday. Then they can create a multimedia display of the features of their holiday.

To do this:

      1. Select Add a pin
      2. Move the pin to the location of the holiday on the globe
      3. Select Save
      4. Add notes, images, videos and weblinks.

A case study will then be added to the pin.

If your students are connected to you in myWorld Atlas Teacher Edition, you will see all of the pins and case studies on your globe.

You can take this a step further by showing all of these pins on a data projector. Students can then select their pin and speak briefly to the class about their holiday.

Adding a pin to myWorld Atlas

Adding a pin to myWorld Atlas

Students can even go as far as sharing the news of their holiday online with classmates and friends.

Go to and click on the orange pins to see examples of case studies that were created by students in 2011.

myWorld Atlas case studies

myWorld Atlas case studies

Creating a holiday case study is a good way to introduce myWorld atlas to your students.

It will also help you to learn a little bit more about your students at the start of the year.

myWorld Atlas

myWorld Atlas nominated as finalist at AIMIA Awards!

myWorld Atlas

Jacaranda’s myWorld Atlas has been nominated as a finalist in the following categories at the 18th Annual Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Awards:

This truly reflects myWorld Atlas as a ground-breaking digital learning resource and a leader in educational publishing.

Congratulations to all the Jacaranda folk who have been involved in producing this amazing interactive learning resource!

myWorld Atlas

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